TIMD - Meta Threads : A New Way to Share with Text in Social Media Platform

Meta Threads : A New Way to Share with Text in Social Media Platform

Meta officially launched a new app called Threads App, which is intended to offer a space for real-time conversations online, a function that has long been Twitter’s core selling point. The Appears to have many similarities to Twitter, from the layout to the product description. This has become a storm in the world of Digital Marketing.

Here you can find the official announcement by META.

Here’s How Meta Threads App becomes a new Threads to Twitter: 

One immediate advantage Meta Threads App may have over other rivals is the potential to convert Instagram’s existing user base to new Threads App accounts since people are required to have an Instagram log-in. Instagram is estimated to have more than 1.21 billion active users, According to Information.

Differences between Twitter and Threads in-app experience: 

  1. Threads App will require users to have an Instagram account. When creating a profile, Threads App provides an option to import bio information and followers from an existing Instagram profile. Meta confirmed that Threads App will provide users with a 500-character count limit. Unverified Twitter users have a maximum of 280 characters.
  2. One of the advantages Threads App has over competing text-based apps is Instagram’s large existing user base. When Instagram users create an account, they have the option to immediately add profiles they already follow.
  3. Threads App users will also be able to switch between the text-based app and Instagram. Posts on Threads App can be shared on a user’s Instagram story or profile.
  4. Twitter’s homepage allows users to view what’s trending and other topics they may be interested in. For now, the only way to explore what’s on Threads App is by scrolling through the home feed.
    These are some basic differences. There are many more differences.

How to use Meta Threads App: 

  1. Download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store 
  2. Log in using their Instagram ID 
  3. Start participating in real-time conversations
  4. Share text-based content with others on the platform.


Meta Threads App empowers individuals to overcome communication challenges and become more effective communicators. With its innovative features, such as real-time translation and personalized feedback, Meta Threads App revolutionizes the way we connect with others. 


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