TIMD - LARAVEL Developer Job

LARAVEL Developer Job

Are you looking for Laravel Developer Job in Kolkata. We are seeking a skilled and experienced Laravel Developer with a minimum of 1 year of hands-on experience in Laravel framework. If you also possess knowledge of React or Vue.js, it will be considered an additional advantage. As a Laravel Developer, you will be instrumental in designing, developing, and maintaining web applications that deliver exceptional user experiences and high performance.


Web Application Development:

Utilize your expertise in Laravel to architect, develop, and maintain web applications.
Collaborate closely with frontend developers and UI/UX designers to ensure seamless integration of frontend and backend components.
Write clean, efficient, and well-documented code while adhering to coding standards and best practices.
Backend Expertise:

Design and implement robust database structures using MySQL or similar databases.
Develop RESTful APIs for seamless data exchange and integration with various frontend components.
Implement authentication and authorization mechanisms to ensure data security.
Problem Solving and Optimization:

Identify and troubleshoot technical issues, bugs, and performance bottlenecks.
Optimize application performance and scalability to provide smooth user experiences.
Continuous Learning:

Stay updated with the latest industry trends and advancements in web development technologies.
Share your insights and actively contribute to the adoption of best practices within the development team.
Collaboration and Communication:

Work closely with cross-functional teams to gather project requirements and translate them into technical solutions.
Communicate technical concepts clearly to both technical and non-technical team members.

Minimum of 1 year of hands-on experience in Laravel framework.
Proficiency in PHP programming language.
Familiarity with frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Strong understanding of database design and management using MySQL or similar databases.
Experience with version control systems like Git.
Additional knowledge of React or Vue.js will be considered a valuable asset.
Problem-solving aptitude and attention to detail.
Ability to work collaboratively within a team and independently on projects.
Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Join our innovative development team and contribute your Laravel expertise to the creation of cutting-edge web applications. If you possess the skills and passion to excel in backend development, and if you’re excited about enhancing your skills in React or Vue.js, we encourage you to apply.

Please submit your resume to cvs@tmdtech.com or WhatsApp on 7450032124, mentioning your Name, Total Work Experience, Relevant Work Experience, your present salary, and expected salary.

Send Your CV at cvs@timdtech.com